Table of Contents


How I Learned to Love Typing (October 1, 2021)
A Note on Resources and Methods (October 11, 2021)
Advent and Dungeon: The Pirate and the Thief (October 12, 2021)

Zork I (1980)

Zork I: Looting Simulator ’80 (October 13, 2021)
Zork I: Thief in a Box (October 19, 2021)
Deposition, Acquisition, and Deferred Satisfaction in Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (October 25, (2021)

Zork II (1981)

Zork II: A Thief, a Technocrat, and a Demon Walk into a Cave (October 27, 2021)
Digging into the Embodied Zork II: Packaging, Diskettes, and Plotlines (October 29, 2021)
Zork II, Idolatry, and the Legendary Awfulness of Two Puzzles (October 30, 2021)
Zork II: Power, Specialization, and the Evolution of a Colonist (November 2, 2021)

Deadline (1982)

Deadline: There is a Bear in the Rosebush (November 6, 2021)
Hard Evidence: Realizing the Story of Deadline (November 9, 2021)
Quantum Detective: Deadline and the Many Worlds Interpretation (November 12, 2021)
Deadline‘s Connecticut of the Mind: Nostalgia, Privilege, and Mental Illness (November 14, 2021)

Zork III (1982)

An Introduction to Zork III: It All Came Down to… That? (November 18, 2021)
Which “It” Did You Mean, Exactly? The Plot and Packaging of Zork III (November 21, 2021)
Whose Zork Is It Anyway? The Steep Price of Authorial Ambiguity in Zork III (November 23, 2021)
Zork is Dead. Long Live Zork. (November 29, 2021)

Starcross (1982)

Space Zork: Starcross (December 1, 2021)
The Rod in the Dumpster: Flying Saucers and the Ambiguous Ending of Starcross (December 3, 2021)
Let Them Have Dominion: The Human-Centered Cosmology of Starcross (December 6, 2021)


Are Video Games an Ethical Pastime? Activision, etc. (December 7, 2021)

Suspended (1983)

For All We Know: Suspended (December 8, 2021)
Suspended: Welcome to the Machine (December 10, 2021)
Game Shows Touch Our Lives: Final Thoughts on Suspended (December 13, 2021)


Project Update 12/15/2021 (December 15, 2021)

The Witness (1983)

Occidence Will Happen: The Witness (December 19, 2021)
More Than a Feelie? The Disjointed Text of The Witness (December 27, 2021)
Never Trust a Lady Mechanic: Final Thoughts on The Witness (December 29, 2021)

Planetfall (1983)

He, Robot: A Critical Introduction to Planetfall (December 31, 2021)
Planetfall: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired (January 10, 2022)
Intentionality and the Gamification of Tedium: Planetfall (January 12, 2022)


Video Game Publishing, NFTs, and New Delusions of Value (January 17, 2022)

Enchanter (1983)

Zork IV: Enchanter (January 24, 2022)
Frobozz: Land of Enchantment (January 26, 2021)