Gold Microphone: Zork I

Callie and Drew take a look back to the pioneer days of interactive fiction to explore one of Drew’s all-time favorite games: Zork I!

They say “Shakespeare” and “Zork” in the same sentence more than once. It’s just that serious! Join Drew and Callie for a free-form discussion between two fans as they talk about the game world and two of early gaming’s most fascinating characters: the Adventurer and the Thief.

As always, you can find Gold Microphone on the platform of your choice or listen to it at Anchor.FM.

Join us next time as we discuss A Mind Forever Voyaging with Aaron A. Reed, who will share some amazing research on AMFV from his 50 Years of Text Games project and soon-to-be book! Don’t miss it.

Correction: Wishbringer came out two months before Spellbreaker.


Archive – 50 Years of Text Games (
Original Zork I manual (Infocom-published)
Gray Box Zork I manual

Gold Machine on Zork I (in release order):

Zork I: Looting Simulator ’80
Zork I: Thief in a Box
Deposition, Acquisition, and Deferred Satisfaction in Zork I: The Great Underground Empire

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